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Nous voudrions partager ce que les gens disent de nous, c’est excitant que les gens parle de nous. Cette année, nous avons commencé en partenariat avec des experts de l'industrie pour aider à créer une nouvelle norme britannique pour le bébé nager. En ce moment Il n'y a pas des règles pour les écoles de natation et les propriétaires de piscine et nous sommes fiers d'avoir été invité à cet important groupe. Nous allons publier des progrès sur cette nouvelle norme. 

Partager votre nouvelle et images avec nous, nous aimons de voir des bébés et des enfants dans notre équipement de natation se amuser. Avec votre permission, nous mettrons en ligne le meilleur avec d'autres ‘Happy Splashers’





Mini Travellers 15/11/14

Blogger mum Karen’s first day of her winter holiday with the twins and 4 year old Lily in the pool with their Splash About Sun Protection Float Suits. Mum comments “the genius of these suits is you can adjust them, by the end of the day Lily was working much harder to stay afloat. Maybe, just maybe she will be swimming by the end of the week…  The suits even offer full SPF50+ sun protection so you only have to put sun cream on exposed skin.”


Along Came Cherry 03/11/14

Blogger mum Jessica reviewed Splash About’s Warm-In-One baby wetsuit which she thought was “absolutely amazing”, keeping son Tiger lovely and warm because of its fleecy lining which “really worked”


Mums In the Know 18/10/14

Mum Jacinta reviewed the Splash About BabyWrap for 17month old Zach and her “only regret is not buying it sooner” as it kept her little boy warmer and happier in the water.


Mums In the Know 18/10/14

Mum Katie was “very impressed” with Splash About’s BabySnug mini wetsuit which means her daughter “doesn’t get cold as quickly (in the water) and can still move very freely”. She’s also a fan of the Happy Nappy, which is incorporated into the BabySnug – and rates our quality as excellent!

RainBeauBelle 17/09/14

Blogger mum Julia gave Splash About’s BabyWrap “an all-round thumbs up” commenting it was especially great for the local leisure centre pool as her daughter felt “lovely and warm, with no goosebumps after 20 minutes or so like you sometimes get in cooler pools”


BabyWorld 04/09/14 

BabyWorld’s parenting panel reviewed Splash About’s Happy Nappy Board Shorts and would “highly recommend” them and found them “fantastic and really good value for money when you consider the cost of swim nappies”.  Babyworld’s reviewers also gave the Happy Nappy Board Shorts one of its coveted Mum’s Love awards!

Mellow Mummy 03/09/14

Blogger Emma comments her daughter Holly swims “like a mermaid” in her Splash About Sun Protection Float Suit & it’s “hard to put into words quite how much a difference the float suit made to her swimming – for the first time she swam an entire length of the pool aided only by her float suit – there was ‘no stopping her!’’ 

BabyWorld 13/07/14 

BabyWorld’s panel of mums reviewed the Splash About Happy Nappy Costume and awarded it a Mum’s Love accolade because they were so impressed with the quality, value for money and ease-of-use – they also thought it was gorgeous too! 


Real Mum Reviews 08/04/14


Blogger mum Lucy “was really impressed” with Splash About’s BabySnug wetsuit. It keeps baby Erin warm in the pool even after 35minutes and because she suffers with eczema the BabySnug was perfect for keeping her barrier cream in place so she could enjoy her splash session!


BizzieBaby 01/08/14 

Splash About’s swimming aid Fings was tested by Bizziebaby’s panel of mums and it received a Gold award!  The mums highly rated the support Fings gave their child compared to arm bands as well as the confidence their little ones gained from using Fings in the water while learning to swim.